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“Left me gasping in awe
and wonder”

 “Absolutely beautiful in sound
and presentation”

“Exceptionally beautiful

“One of the best concerts I have
been to in the Abbey in the
past 30 years”

“One of the most exceptional and
moving musical experiences I've had
in over 40 years of concert-going”

”The use of the Cathedral spaces and acoustic as an integral part of the experience was inspired”

”Thank you for bringing this wonderful
choir to sing for us”

VOX COELESTIS IS A UNIQUE CHOIR. We exist purely to raise money for charities. We perform to the very highest standards, and are conducted by one of the finest choral conductors this country has produced, Nigel Short (left) - an ex-Kings Singer and conductor of the celebrated professional group, “Tenebrae”.  Our singers sing in the top cathedral & chamber choirs from across the UK, and give of their time and talents without fee. Only through this generosity can we achieve so much for our charities. As we have just completed our 15th concert in 12 years, we have raised just over £17,000 for charities. More.......

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The concert on Saturday 18 November 2017 in St Helen’s Church, Abingdon raised just over £1,000 for the Abingdon Bridge Project, which supports vulnerable young people in challenging circumstances, and provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to realise their potential. Click here for further details.  

The concert was centred on choral music related to issues of mental health - either by composers who suffered from mental illness or using texts by writers who have experienced mental struggles.  Through this, we hoped to have further raised the awareness of these issues - many of us may have a friend or neighbour who could be silently suffering.